VJTV is a foreign news press agency.
Abiding the keynote of public journalism, VJTV provides practical news to foreign press, delivered from both domestic and international professional VJs and expert journalists.


VJTV History
○ 2001. Nonprofit corporation establishment authorized
○ 2001. MOU agreement with use of civil access, civil broadcast, and satellite broadcast
○ 2001. MOU agreement with consultation for ABN Areum Broadcast Network
○ 2001. MOU agreement with Sangmyung University Broadcasting Academy of Korea Broadcast Production
○ 2002. Held the Korea-Japan Video Journalist Forum
○ 2003. MOU agreement with video journalist related organization in Europe
○ 2003. MOU agreement with Korea Broadcast Industry Agency’s broadcast study enterprise branch joint collaboration
○ 2003. MOU agreement with Donga.com’s video contents plan production joint collaboration
○ 2004. Held the 1st Video Youth Video Jounalist Gala
○ 2004. MOU agreement with providing Joongang University’s DCRC motion picture contents
○ 2004  MOU agreement with Gyungnam Information University’s industrial-educational cooperation
○ 2005. Proceeded Gangwon Video Agency’s VJ educational seminar
○ 2005. Proceeded Anyang VJ video and arts education and broadcast gala
○ 2006. Produced Donga Broadcast and Arts University’s industrial-educational cooperation new-media visual contents.
○ 2006. Proceeded Korea Broadcast Industry Agency’s ‘Self producing news VJ training process’
○ 2007. Proceeded City of Seoul’s ‘I am also a producer’ both youth and adult section
○ 2007. Proceeded and produced City of Seoul’s ‘100 Directors’ Video Gala
○ 2008. Produced and consulted City of Seoul’s internet and broadcast contents production and production support for University student VJs
○ 2010. Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Infinite Festival Video Gala of ‘Again Blooms Our Flower’
○ 2012. Proceeded Kookmin University’s Video Gala of 100 directors
○ 2013. Supported and proceeded City of Seoul’s street video gala in Gwanggyo gallery


The VJTV Charter

1. The place where warm-hearted people gather

2. The place where they love

3. The place where they share

4. The place where they abandon

5. There are a lot of things that can get by giving something up in the world.

6. There are a lot of things that a person, being born, can do.

7. Let’s do all of these together on VJTV.

8. Let’s enjoy happiness.

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